First and foremost, the celebrates our military and is thankful to all who have served.
Proudly, our Executive Director, Treasurer and other board members are veterans of the US Navy and US Coast Guard. We thank them and their colleagues who are serving, or have served, around the World.
Later this afternoon, we are expecting a press release from the San Diego Office of Field Operations for Customs and Border Protection regarding the group of northbound asylum seekers (currently near Mexico City) and the homeland use of the US military for said regards.
The San Ysidro Chamber of Commerce looks forward to continuing work through our strong, local CBP relationship to do whatever we can to ensure the travelling public is unaffected by changes in operations at our ports of entry . The Chamber has full confidence in our local CBP staff and officers to fulfill their job in vetting asylum requests while ensuring the safe, secure and timely crossing of people and legitimate goods.
As we celebrate our Veterans this Veterans Day Weekend, please keep in mind that while we may disagree on their deployment, our issues or work shall never be interpreted as negative toward military personnel. We have nothing but love and respect for those who have bravely donned the uniform of a US Sailor, Soldier, Airman or Marine.
Again, we are committed to doing whatever we can to assist CBP and our military in assuring they are able to fulfill their orders without disrupting our business and tourism.
Happy Veterans Day!
San Ysidro Chamber of Commerce