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On Sept. 3, 2023, the Frente Amplio por Mexico alliance, representing the opposition, will cast their votes to select their candidate for the upcoming 2024 Mexican presidential elections. Following closely, the ruling party, MORENA, is set to unveil its designated candidate for the presidential race.

Join us for a conversation with distinguished figures such as Javier Tello, a widely respected political analyst and journalist in Mexico; Kate Bruhn, an academic authority on democracy studies; Luis Carlos Ugalde, former president of INE; Ciro Murayama, Visiting Fellow at USMEX; and Gaston Luken Garza, an expert on government affairs, sharing their expertise and analysis on the 2024 presidential candidates, their political platforms and the potential implications of their proposals on the national and international landscape.

This conversation is a unique opportunity to gain a more profound understanding of Mexico's electoral landscape and the political outlook in the years ahead.

This event is organized by CETYS Universidad and the Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies at the UC School of Global Policy and Strategy.


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