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Episode Descriptions 801-808

1. Baja Rancho La Bellota

2. Art at the Ranch

3. Border Crossing & Barber Shop

4. UTV’s, Skateboards, & Pasta

5. Ensenada Beer Festival & Taco Grande

6. Hollywood Music & Crepes

7. Baja blues fest and brew

8. Fuego & Boules

801 Baja Rancho La Bellota

A classic ranch adventure outside of Tecate. Horses, guns, and fun.

On this adventure, we are truly off the grid like that city-slicker movie. This horse ranch takes you back in time, to a simpler time before cell phones and computers. We get to ride horses around the 2,800 acre property, shoot clay pigeons, and enjoy the real Baja landscapes. And we meet the lovely couple behind it all, Raul & Caroline Aguilar.

802 Art at the Ranch

Art classes inspired by horses and nature at the ranch.

We get to have an artistic adventure today. Watercolor, photography, clay pottery, and more. We see the works of talented artists and enjoy the experience along with Jorge as he gets to participate in a hands-on class. Look out for that flamethrower inside the pottery oven!

803 Border Crossing & Barber Shop

We explore the San Ysidro border crossing, and have a visit to a Tijuana barber shop.

Today, we get to visit the busiest border land crossing in the world right here in Tijuana! We get to talk with the boss himself, Officer Aki, who oversees the San Ysidro border. He gives us the lowdown on the border and how to make crossing it a smooth experience. Learn about the sentri pass program that helps reduce traffic and wait times. Next, we explore a new trend in Tijuana, men’s barber shops. Watch as Jorge is transformed from clown to movie star with a slick new hairdo and facial treatment at “Calicuts.”

804 UTV’s, Skateboards, & Pasta

We go on an Off-road adventure tour, meet a skateboard maker, and have a meal at Pasta y Basta italian food in Rosarito.

Get ready for an off-road adventure for the masses. Jorge gets to join a tour group that takes their off road UTV vehicles for a spin on the South side of Ensenada. We take a trail that leads to the beach where we get to race around and do donuts at sunset. Next we meet Norman Tucker from Fu Manchu skateboards who shows us how he is making skateboards for the Mexico market. Finally, we meet Chef Christian Gritti from Pasta Y Basta who gives Jorge the full selection of authentic Italian cuisine in Rosarito.

805 Ensenada Beer Festival & Taco Grande

We visit the largest beer festival in Mexico and find a fantastic taco stand in Tijuana.

Little did we know that the United States Consulate in Tijuana promotes cross-border activities and events. Namely, the Ensenada Beer Fest! Let’s check it out, because it is said to be largest beer festival in Mexico. We interview the organizer and sample some of the contest winning brews. Next, we find the golden nugget of tacos at a simple street stand in Tijuana. Low price, huge size, and tons of guacamole makes these some of the top carne asada tacos in the city.

806 Hollywood Music & Crepes

We meet a real-life hollywood music composer and try some wonderful desserts at Creperia Polanco.

Today, we meet Mark Killian from South Africa. He lives outside of Rosarito, and composes music for Hollywood movies. He came to Baja to get inspired for the music he makes. Watch as he shows Jorge some of his interesting instruments he uses as they make a music recording together. Next, we hit a place that specializes in desserts in Tijuana, Creperia Polanco. Chef Selene Lopez brings out all sorts of goodies, and as you can imagine, Jorge is in heaven.

807 Baja Blues Fest & Brew

Today, we get to experience the largest blues music festival in Mexico, the Baja Blues Fest. We meet world famous musicians like Chubby Carrier from the Bayou Swamp Band who explains about Zydeco blues music. We get to wonder around the little booths at the festival to admire the art and taste the goodies. Jorge also learns about how this event is a marvelous fundraiser for the benefit of the needy. Then we take a quick trip over to Sin Fronteras Brewing, an oceanfront location serving the amazing beers available in the region.

808 Fuego & Boules

Get ready for incredible food at Fuego Cocina Del Valle, and Boules in Ensenada.

Today we visit an amazing place in the wine country called Fuego Cocina Del Valle. This place has hotel rooms, horses, and more, but the main attraction is the food. After visiting the garden where some of the ingredients are grown, Jorge enjoys the high-end cuisine and is on cloud nine. Next, we meet Javier from Boules restaurant in Ensenada. Jorge discovers the bone marrow dish is to die for.

801 Baja Rancho La Bellota

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802 Art at the Ranch

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803 Border Crossing & Barber Shop

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804 UTVs, Skateboards & Pasta

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805 Ensenada Beer Festival & Taco Grande

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806 Hollywood Music & Crepes

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807 Baja Blues Fest & Brew

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808 Fuego & Boules

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