The Chambers of Commerce and Economic Development Organizations within the Border District of California are urging Congressman Vargas to support USMCA. In an unprecedented effort, these organizations formed a regional coalition to voice support for USMCA. See enclosed letter.
“There is broad consensus in communities across the border region on the importance of USMCA,” stated Jerry Sanders, President and CEO of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce. “Ratification of USMCA is vital to strengthening economic prosperity, growing jobs, and attracting investment the region. The border community’s future depends on it.”
“A ‘smart’ border makes it easier for goods to move between our countries. Our ports are the key nodes in our trading relationship, and USMCA codifies customs administration and trade facilitation there. It highlights the use of information technology to expedite procedures for the release of goods, and it promotes ongoing communications between agencies and the trade community. All this will translate into a more competitive North America”, added Gustavo De La Fuente, Executive Director of the San Diego – Tijuana Smart Border Coalition.
“NAFTA is currently the lifeblood of the Otay Mesa community, which handles $50-billion of two-way trade through its port of entry every year,” stated Alejandra Mier y Teran, Executive Director for the Otay Mesa Chamber of Commerce. “USMCA will not only allow the benefits afforded by NAFTA benefits to continue, but it provides important environment and labor standards that were previously not included. Over 2,000 Otay Mesa businesses depend on the duty benefits included in NAFTA and USMCA and voting against USMCA would jeopardize these benefits.”